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Terms and conditions

DroneStock.One does not set any geographical or time limitations for the use of footage purchased on www.dronestock.one

All footage provided by www.dronestock.one may only be used with express permission from DroneStock, which is obtained by purchase of footage or an exclusive agreement between user and DroneStock.

The user buying or in any other way obtaining footage from DroneStock.One accepts the following terms and conditions.

§1 Use of footage

When purchasing footage on www.dronestock.one, the user/purchaser is granted limited rights for use of the footage. The copyright of all footage from www.dronestock.one, remains with DroneStock.One.

The limited rights for use of footage is obtained, when the order/transaction is completed, and a confirmation hereof is issued by DroneStock.One.

Even though the rights of use have no geographical or time limits, the rights of use are only issued for one project. A project is defined as a single TV-program, -show or any type of movie.

User/purchaser must contact DroneStock.One to make a new arrangement, prior to any additional use of the footage.

Purchaser/user may not transfer the rights of use to any third party.

Footage from DroneStock.One may not be used for any offensive content, including but not limited to promoting the following: racism, terror, children – and sexual abuse, human trafficking or any other illegal purpose.

§2 Transaction and payment

Any purchase on www.dronestock.one is done immediately.

Purchaser may use PayPal or credit card to proceed the payment.

After completing the purchase, purchaser will receive an order confirmation and the footage for download via email. This completes the transaction.

§3 Cancelling an order

As the footage is delivered immediately, it is not possible for purchaser to cancel the order and get a refund.

§4 Non-compliance

Any use of any footage from www.dronestock.one without a prior purchase or explicit agreement is prohibited. A fine will be issued to the user, with an obligation to pay 10 times the price of the footage on www.dronestock.one.

§5 Disputes

This Agreement and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation including non-contractual disputes or claims is to be governed by and construed in accordance with Danish law not including CISG or the Danish choice of law rules.