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DroneStock.one footage is a high quality drone footage stock service provided by Alex Suhr.

Dronepilot Alex Suhr has more than 20 years of filming experience,and has been filming with drones since 2013.

With a background as Best Boy, Alex has a unique understanding of how the natural light can effect the picture, and how it can be used to optimize the photage when filming.

All flying and filming is done mainly for cinematography, advertising video, tv, documentary and music videos, which means that all photage is always delivered in high quality.

Besides this, Alex is always looking for great locations for video stock, so that dronestock.one can offer the best stock photage for you.

Are you missing something? Or do you need a specific location? Don’t hesitate to write us at hello@dronestock.one or call us at +45 26249027.